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BookingHawk.com Just Got Even Better

BookingHawk.com Just Got Even Better

Below are the list of features and fixes that have gone live in our Nicholas release for August 2018! All new features are a result of direct customer feedback, we love to build the system that you want to use.

New Features

  1. Add To Calendar
    • When clients make a booking through for either a standard appointment or one of your events, there is now a quick, easy and secure way for them to add the booking to their favourite calendar.
  2. Private Bookings
    • BookingHawk.com was designed with SEO in mind (ie, encouraging Google and other search engines to rank your pages as high as possible). However, many of our clients have run events that they do not want the world to know about. With that in mind, users now have the option to have any combination of their appointment, events pages added to the BookingHawk.com sitemap file.
  3. Optional Payment For Events
    • As an event facilitator, you have always had the choice whether or not to take payments for your event. So if you said your event cost €100 to attend and clients had to pay a deposit of €50, the client always had the choice whether to pay €100 or €50 when they made their bookings. Now with our optional payment feature, you can offer your client the option to pay in full, pay a deposit, or not pay when booking. A subtle improvement, but one that our clients were asking about for weeks!


  1. We noticed that the email an event facilitator received from the system to tell them about a new booking looked a little garbled, we have straightened it out!
  2. We no longer show a ‘Book’ button on the event page if the event is sold out (we wondered why we didn’t think of that sooner…)
  3. Pictures are no longer mandatory for your event pages.

Product Update June 2018

Here is a list of the latest improvements to online booking and scheduling system BookingHawk.com. These features went live in the last week of May 2018 when the ‘Keown’ release went live:

  • GDPR features
  • Defects resolved for printing invoices and exporting data
  • Customisation of the Event button
  • 17 new quotes added for booking confirmation emails
  • Automatic emails to notify clients of credit card refunds
  • Improved date display for long running events

Mandatory Booking Code – Product Update June 4th 2017

Release 23 of BookingHawk.com adds more flexibility and adaptability to the ever popular online booking system. This release sees two significant changes move into our live site. So without further ado…

Mandatory Booking Codes

For a while now, it has been possible to allow your customers enter codes at booking time to either:

  1. Get a discounted booking
  2. Bypass an otherwise mandatory booking deposit

The latest  release sees the addition of mandatory booking codes. This feature means that a customer cannot attempt  to make a booking for your service unless they are in posession of a booking code. This feature means that the online booking system is now suitable to for a room booking system.

The following screen shots demonstrate how this new functionality operates:


Step one of the booking process remains unchanged. The user selected the date, time and asset (in this case room) that they wish to book


Step 2 of completing a booking which requires a mandatory booking code. A user is required to enter in a booking code. This code is controlled by the administrator of the business. The code can be amended, edited or remoed by the admin at any time.


Once the user has entered in a correct and valid code, they are then presented with the final booking screen. They may now complete their booking.

Control How Much Of Your Calendar Your Customer Sees

Previously, you could limit the amount of your calendar that your customer saw, only in months. This latest release facilitates you to set the limit in days, months or weeks. This is a useful feature where your assets are in high demand.


A new control set allows a business to have a higher degree of granularity around how many days their customers may view their calendar in advance. Here, the business is observed to set the limit to 2 weeks.


This 2 week control is reflected on the business profile page. Here we can see that a customer only has 2 weeks visibility into the booking availability of the business.


In the above image, the administrator can be observed setting the amount of visibility to 5 days.


The 5 day visibility setting can now be observed on the business profile page which the customer sees. The calendar and visibility in the dashboard is unaffected.

And The Rest…

Additional updates include:

  • Configurable email setting for appointments. Now a customer is always emailed their booking information and the business admin can optionally add a message that will be included with each email
  • Updated auto booking emails with more accurate hyperlinks
  • Enhancement to event booking notes
  • Improved product branding with the replacement of Booking Hawk with BookingHawk.com
  • More information about customer/patient/case notes added to the homepage of BookingHawk.com
  • Updated invoice template
  • Updated terms and conditions
  • Updated privacy statement
  • Order added to the timetable overview page in the business dashboard
  • Manage Booking page will no longer return bookings that are in the past to a customer. The business admin can still see all past bookings in the dashboard
  • Option granted to admin for whether or not they display the appointment end times to the customer
  • Fix added for missing style on event booking management page for customer
  • Ability added for an event attendee to book more than one place at a time when making an event booking