New Features September 2021

Another busy summer has gone (at least here in the northern hemisphere!) and we have some new features to enhance your experience with

Grace Period

As you know, if you set your class/event sart time to 3pm, the system will no longer accept bookings after 3pm. Now however, you can add a customisable grace period so that you can still accept bookings for a customisable time after 3pm. Video here:

Override Session Count

If you are familiar with running courses on, you will know the system automatically counts the number of sessions between your start and end date. However, the system does not account for public holidays (or days where you are not running the class/event). It if for this reason, that you may now override the automatically calculated session count. Short video here:

Other Enhancements

As well as the above new features, the following items have been addressed:

  • Receipts are no longer automatically issued for bookings made with credits or gift vouchers
  • Refunds once again automatically issue when a class/event is cancelled via the dashboard
  • Enhanced logic checks for booking to increase protection against booking on closed dates
  • Faster loading attendee page for events/classes via the dashboard

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