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Thursday December 1st 2022 is delighted to announce a partnership with Foyht. Foyht is an international association of independent therapists, providing multiple benefits including:
• Inclusion on an international public membership directory;
• Access to, and the opportunity to contribute to, a high quality international health and wellbeing magazine;
• Discounted assistance in managing bookings, invoicing, data-management and security, including optional cyber-security training;
• Round-the-clock legal advice where necessary (UK and Ireland); and insurance.
With the commencement of this new partnership, Foyht members will also get a free three-month subscription with



One of the important optional benefits of Foyht membership is insurance cover. Foyht works closely with specialist insurance brokers and, offering bespoke insurance solutions specifically tailored for the health and wellbeing sector. Insurance is available to those members working across the UK, EEA and South Africa.

Niall Smith: “I have observed a great deal of online discussion about insurance cover and providers. It is something that we wanted to address for some time. We know that our clients need a booking system and after that, we have learned how they also need insurance. When we learned about Foyht, we saw a community of wellness practioners with access to a great insurance product. What we felt was particularly relevenat is that the insurance covers you and your students even for online sessions, regardless of where your students are joining the class from. Having spoken with the team at Foyht, it is clear that they share the same values as we do at, especially when it comes to helping solopreneurs grow successful businesses. Like us, they feel strongly abut providing great service for a fair price and are passionite about helping small businesses reach their full potential. Thus, we are happy to point our clients in their direction as we know they will be looked after with the same level of service as we provide at

Insurance cover provided by through Foyht membership:

• Public and Product liability indemnity of €/£5,000,000 (or €/£10,000,000 if required)
• Malpractice and Professional indemnity of €/£5,000,000 (or €/£10,000,000 if required)
• Accidental loss or damage to business stock and equipment up to €/£5,000
• Additional legal expenses: €/£100,000. This service also allows access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline (UK and Ireland only)
• 12 month run-off cover to allow for periods when you are not working
• Retro-active date: 2006, or, if later, since the date medical malpractice / liability insurance has been continually active without interruption
• Indemnity to principal
• Employer’s liability can be added upon request

To learn more about Foyht and the general benefits including the insurance coverage that are available through membership, please get in touch with them here.

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