New Features January 2022

Happy New Year to all of our clients. We have made multiple changes behind the scenes to improve performance and security. These types of changes are expected to take up most of the first half of 2022. However, we did find time for some feature improvements which are listed below.

Credit Bundle Layout Change & Order of Display

In the dashboard, on the Credit Bundle screen, you will now see all of the bundles that you have available to your clients in a single place. From this screen, you can also add a new bundle or edit an existing one. See the below short video for a 30-second summary.

Specific Date for Credit Bundle Expiry

Requested by a number of our clients, it is now possible to set an explicit expiry date for your Credit Bundle. Prior to this change, you could set a bundle to expiry a X number of days after the time of purchase. With this change, you can now set that the bundle will expire on a set date, regardless of when it is purchased. See this 91-second video for an example.

Time is Displayed On Public Overview Page

Prior to this change, if you wanted to have the time displayed on your public overview page, you needed to add it to your class title. Now, the time is auctomatically displayed. See the below 72-second video for a demonstration.

Other Changes

Other changes of note are:

  • Booking a course no longer only shows the first date of the course on the booking confirmation page and in confirmation email
  • The booking detail screen now shows the business the date of the clients booking as opposed to the dates of the booked course/event
  • Client Accounts are auto-enabled when a Credit Bundle is added by the business
  • When business website is too long it no longer overflows in an ugly way on public page
  • It is now possible for a business to delete a class/event that had places closed
  • Fix for the broken notification to a business when their Google Calendar integration has failed
  • Typo fixed in the email sent to the business to notify them of a Gift Voucher sale
  • On the Client Data screen, ‘Appointments’ has been changed to use the Appointment Alias label
  • On the Client Data screen, data in each subsection is now set to show the most recent data first
  • On the Client Data screen, class attendees are now ‘Unnamed Attendee’ if not named by the booker

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