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How Do I Adjust The Price Of An Online Booking?

by niall 0 Comments

It is possible to change/adjust the price of an online booking. An example of where this would be useful is, if your standard price for an appointment is €50 but it is €45 for a student. In this case, you cannot be sure that the person is a student until the physically present a valid ID to you. Therefore, they book the appointment at the standard price of €50. Once you have verified that they are in fact a student or a senior, you can revise the price down to €45. This 41 second video demonstrates how to go about this. It is a useful feature if you are using BookingHawk.com to track your business financials.

How Do I Add A Flexible Pricing Message?

by niall 0 Comments

Many businesses have a different price or rate for their service depending on a customer type. For example, some business owners taking online bookings would like to offer a student discount. Using the flexible pricing facility of BookingHawk.com allows a business owner to inform the customer that there are different prices/rates available. The customer will see this message in two places on the booking information page.

How Do I Hide The Price From My Business Profile Page?

by niall 0 Comments

When taking online bookings, you may not always want the price of your service front and center. Hiding the price from your business profile page will facilitate the user to focus only on your available dates and times whilst considering booking your service. Once they have made a decision to book online, they click the book button and are brought to the next page. The next page is where they enter their contact and booking details. It is here that a customer will first encounter the price of your service. This can be a useful setting if tied in with showing flexible pricing messages.