How Do I Add A Flexible Pricing Message?

Many businesses have a different price or rate for their service depending on a customer type. For example, some business owners taking online bookings would like to offer a student discount. Using the flexible pricing facility of allows a business owner to inform the customer that there are different prices/rates available. The customer will […]

How Do I Create Discount / Promtional Codes? facilitates the growth of a business in several ways. One of those ways is to offer discount codes. We are all familiar with seeing a promotional code field beside the payment information when paying for goods or services online. now offers this facility. Customers are only offered the choice of applying a discount code […]

How Do I Update My Facebook Action Button – Book Online Facebook?

Your Facebook business page comes with a very handy ‘Call to Action’ button. It can be anything from ‘Watch Video’ to ‘Learn More’ or in the case of businesses taking online bookings with, the call to cation button can be ‘Book Online’. Facebook themselves state: “A call-to-action is available for the following objectives: Brand […]

How Do I Take Booking Deposits?

It is possible to take either a partial payment or a full payment for your appointment using Our payment system is securly integrated with Stripe and we are listed on their website as a trusted partner. Any money that is taken at booking time is depositied in your business account 5 business days after […]

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