How Do I Create Discount / Promtional Codes? facilitates the growth of a business in several ways. One of those ways is to offer discount codes. We are all familiar with seeing a promotional code field beside the payment information when paying for goods or services online. now offers this facility.

Customers are now enabled to enter discount codes

Customers are only offered the choice of applying a discount code if the asset that they are booking has a discount code associated with it. If a customer enters an invalid discount code 3 times, the discount code field will no longer be available. Discount codes can be applied to an appointment regardless of whether the customer is obliged to pay an online booking deposit or not.

Setting Up A Discount Code

This short video (less than one minute long) demonstrates the steps to take for a bookable asset to have a discount code associated with it. The code text can be anything that the business wishes as long as it is between 5 and 10 characters long.

Suggested Uses For Discount / Promotional Codes

Promotional codes are a great way to drive more sales of your service. For example, if you would like to encourage more people to book online instead of calling you, perhaps you could publicize a code on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This way, anybody booking your service through will be able to enter the code and get money off their appointment.


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