How Do I Get My Business On Google Maps?

The advantage to having your business on Google maps is that people can easily find you. Most countries have well-established post codes but the relatively new Irish Eircode system has yet to fully catch on. Another advantage is that it should help with your search engine performance. For example, when I search for Kells Physiotherapy, the following is what I see, it is the area to the right of the allows the user to click on the map and be shown a larger view of the exact location.

Another example is when somebody navigates to Google Maps directly and searches for Kells Physiotherapy or a similar term, the following will show up:

The search results in the business being highlighted by a marker.

Adding A Business To Google Maps – Step by Step

1. The first thing to do is to create a Google Business account. To do so, navigate to

2. Follow the simple step by step guide, filling in the fields that are relevant to your business.

3. Google need to verify that you own this business, so they will request to send you a postcard to the address with a verification code. This is to ensure that somebody cannot register a business at an address which they do not receive mail.


4. About 10 days later, you will receive a postcard. Once it arrives, login to your new Google Business account and select ‘Verify Business’. Enter the code and a few days later, your business will show up on Google maps!


This step by step guide to getting your business on Google Maps is following on from our previous post, Search Engine Optimisation which isn’t a prerequisite but does have some handy tips for improving your performance with search engines.

If you know someone that would benefit from online booking, please let me know about them. I will send you a two paragraph email for you to forward to your friend so it couldn’t be less hassle for you to help a couple of Irish businesses to grow! As a thank you, I will help you out with some advice on your website / SEO / Tech Support.

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