Terms And Conditions Make Mosaic / Aidan’s Art Academy

Terms and Conditions 21.3.19

·         Make Mosaic / Aidan’s Art Academy is presented by Aidan Byrne. Art Facilitator, Belmont Mill. Co Offaly.

·         Make Mosaic / Aidan’s Art Academy receives participants between the ages of 6 – 12. (5 year olds may be accepted if they have started national school the September prior)

·         Camp hours are 10am – 2:30pm, Aidan Byrne will not be held responsible for any child left unsupervised at the venue 10 minutes prior to or after camp time.

·         Groups are arranged according to age where possible, if students wish to be in the same group as a sibling, cousin or friend please inform us at the beginning of camp. It is not advised to request kids more than 3 years apart in age to be in the same group as activities are age appropriate.

·         Aidan Byrne and his assistants will operate to the highest safety standards possible but cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or loss of personal property. We recommend valuable items are left at home.

·         Permission is granted to seek medical treatment in the event of an accident.

·         lost property will not be returned, please ensure all belongings are brought home when leaving

·         The use of mobile phones is not permitted except in exceptional circumstances where permission has been requested by the parent from a member of staff.

·         Misbehavior will result in the participant being suspended from the camp, no refund will be given

·         Aidan Byrne reserves the right to make venue/date changes if necessary.

·         Aidan Byrne reserves the right to modify or delete any activity in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

·         Photographs and video footage may be taken for promotional reasons. These will only be used when permission of participant’s guardian is granted on the registration form provided on the first morning of camp.

Booking & cancellation terms

·         Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

·         A confirmation email will be sent as proof of booking, a printout or screenshot of this is required on the first morning of camp as proof of payment.

·         Family discounts only apply to siblings. This does not include cousins.

·         Cancellations made 10 days or more before the camp commences will receive a full refund.

·         Cancellations made 10 or less days before the camp will receive a 75% refund if the place can be filled. If the place is not filled no refunds will be issued

·         Refunds will not be given if the participant is suspended from camp due to misbehavior

·         Refunds will not be given if the participant refuses to attend camp upon arrival with guardian.

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