How Do I Hide The Price From My Business Profile Page?

When taking online bookings, you may not always want the price of your service front and center. Hiding the price from your business profile page will facilitate the user to focus only on your available dates and times whilst considering booking your service. Once they have made a decision to book online, they click the book button and are brought to the next page. The next page is where they enter their contact and booking details. It is here that a customer will first encounter the price of your service. This can be a useful setting if tied in with showing flexible pricing messages.

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  1. Flexible Pricing and Price Hiding – Update April 19th 2017
    […] Also included in this release is the ability to hide the price of your service from your business profile page. This came as a direct request from a business which is currently using to manage their diary and take online bookings. The business was concerned that customers were turned off by the price shown on the business profile page. The business in question felt that if a customer were to proceed to he booking page, they would be more inclined to complete the online booking. The thinking behind this was that once the customer is on the second page, they can see the customisable flexible pricing message. As well as this, they are also only one step away from completing the booking and therefore will realise how easy the process is. Click here to see a short video on how to hide the price from your business profile page. […]

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