How Do I Take Booking Deposits?

It is possible to take either a partial payment or a full payment for your appointment using Our payment system is securly integrated with Stripe and we are listed on their website as a trusted partner.

Any money that is taken at booking time is depositied in your business account 5 business days after the appointment date. So for example, If Johnny Unitus books an appointment for Monday March 10th, and pays a €10 euro booking deposit. €9.52 will be deposited in your account on Friday March 15th. The fee deducted is a processing fee of 1.4% plus 25 cent. This is set by our payment partners Stripe. Should that appointment be cancelled and refunded, Johnny will get 100% of the booking deposit, ie, €10.

Please note, the processing fee on non european cards is variable and is also controlled by Stripe.

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