New Features July 2020

Over the weekend, we released another upgrade. Yet again, these new features were designed and built based on feedback from our valued clients.

Unlisted Events/Classes

It is now possible for you to create classes or events that are not displayed on your public overview page. Instead, only those persons that you share the URL with will have access. At any time, you can set these unlisted classes to listed and they will appear on your overview page. Take a look at this short video for more details:

Order/Re-order Events and Classes

By default, the order of the classes that your clients see is chronological, then alphabetical. Now, it is possible for you to change the order of them. Here is a 40-second video that shows you how to customise the order of your services:

Enhanced Terms & Conditions Display

Prior to this release, the system restricted you to 300 characters for your class/events terms and conditions. Also, it was only possible to display them in plain text.

Now you can add your full terms, with formatting so that your clients can read them in full before booking. See this animated image:


Other Improvements

As with every release, we have made some behind the scenes improvements. This month, they relate to:

  • Improved SEO for our clients
  • Improved mobile view of certain pages
  • Better validation of email addresses before bookings are allowed
  • Virtual location is now fully hidden for 1:1 bookings until booking is completed
  • Ticket categories are now formattable

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