New Features June 2020

Another busy month here at HQ has come to an end and we are delighted to announce a host of improvements to the system.

Credit Bundles

The most notable of which are credit bundles. These will allow your clients to buy a number of sessions at a discounted rate and then book into whatever times suit them.

Please note, to use credit bunldes you must:

  1. Connect your own Stripe account to the system
  2. Turn on client accounts

We have added this functionality for both our class/event and our appointment/1:1 solutions.

As always, we have created some demo videos. The first demo will show you how the credit bundles work from the point of view of your clients. Feel free to share this video with them:

In this next video, we show you how to set up credit bundles for your classes:

Here we show you how to identify where clients have used their credits:

In this next video, we show you how to set up credit bundles for your 1:1 bookings:

In this next short video, we demonstrate how to see how many credits a certain client has redeemed and which bookings they have used them for:

Finally, if you wish to change the name of them from “Credit Bundles” to something else, eg “Class Passes” or “Packages”, this next short video will show you where to do so:

Style Your Emails

For a long time now, it has been possible to quickly and easily send an email to your booked clients. However, it is now possible to format these emails. This next 20-second video demonstrates:

Faster Dashboard Screen

Under certain circumstances, one screen in the dashboard was slow to load. Sometimes taking a painful ten seconds. We have implemented a change that has increased the page load speed by 85%. Take a look at the below animated image for a comparison:

Other Improvements

As always, we have continued to tune and tweak the system. Further improvements include better styling for bullet points as well as fixes for customer accounts with fadas and apostrophes in their names.

Thank you to all of our customers that provided feedback and ideas for the above enhancements. We look forward to delivering even more in our July release.

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