New Features June 2021

Some major rework behind the scenes in this release which lays the ground work for upcoming enhancements was the focus for this release. That said, we did manage to get some new improvements out the door this month Details below!

Places Consumed Per Ticket

As you know, it is already possible to have multiple ticket categories (eg, Adult, Student, Senior etc). However, regardless of the name you gve to the ticket, it would always account for a single place in your class/event. For example, if you had named a ticket ‘Family’, once it was purchased, the availability in your class would only drop by 1. However, it is likely that you needed a family ticket to account for more than one person. Enter Places Consumed Per Ticket. With Places Consumed Per Ticket you can now specify how many places a ticket takes in your class or event. The below video demonstrates this new feature in operation.

No Link-Back in Unlisted Classes/Events

Now when an event/class is unlisted, there is no link for clients to follow to get to your listed events/classes. Video below

Clickable Zoom Link in Client Dashboard

Your client can now click the Zoom link in their dashboard to start their class. This used to be dependent on the clients browser but is now clickable across all browsers.

Other Changes

Aside from the above, there were multiple changes to our underlying architecture which will help to keep the system performing optimally as our client base continues to grow internationally

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