8 Questions For… Physio With Rachel Gorey

The first business using BookingHawk.com for online bookings to take part in the Feature “8 Questions For”, is Gorey Physiotherapy and Lymph Clinic.

Run by Rachel Richardson, this physiotherapy practice serves north Wexford. Gorey Physiotherapy and Lymph Clinic treat a range of conditions including sports injuries, lower back pain and arthritis. Rachel is also an experienced in serving the orthotic needs of Gorey. As well as the aforementioned conditions, Gorey Physiotherapy and Lymph Clinic provide manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy, Pilates and bio-mechanical assessment.  There is no need for a GP referral before seeing Rachel, however, if you have supplemental information, such as MRI scans, she would like to see them. Phone Number: 053 9480861  | Website: physiowithrachel.com


Why did you choose physiotherapy as a profession?

I chose physiotherapy as a profession following a wonderful work experience with a physiotherapist in St Thomas’ Hospital in London. I saw the amazing diversity of the profession from rehabilitation with amputees to stroke victims. I particularly remember an amputees’ face as he described feeling he was standing “six feet tall” as his physio helped him get back on his feet with his artificial leg. I knew this was the type of work I wanted to be involved in.

Tell me a little about your clinic. (where it is located in Ireland and what treatments you specialise in)

Gorey Physiotherapy and Lymph Clinic is located in Gorey, Co Wexford specialising in musculoskleletal injuries, lymph related disorders, and Pilates Rehabilitative classes.

Most interesting place you have worked?

I found Beaumont Hospital very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the orthopaedic ward and neurology.

Based in Goery, Co. Wexford, Rachel Richardson has over over 15 years of physiotherapy experience.

What is the thing you most like about your job?

I love the variety in my day. In one day I may be treating anything from a simple sports injury or back injury to a complex lymphoedema, teaching a rehabilitative class, or out of the clinic doing a home visit.

Did you have any mentors throughout your career that you admired?

I admire Hildegard Whittlinger who is an 86 year old international teacher of Dr Vodder’s method of Manual Lymph Drainage. Her energy and vast knowledge is extraordinary as well as her ability to simplify a complex medical issue.

A common misconception about what you do is…

That physiotherapy consists of musculoskeletal injuries or sport injuries only. In fact Chartered Physiotherapists spend four years dividing our training between university and hospital placements. Our training is incredibly broad and gives a really wonderful base to build a specialist area on. We are expected to continue our professional development so you know our treatment methods are up to date and evidence based.

The most common injury that you treat is…

I see a lot of patients with low back pain. Following resolution of their pain, I encourage people to attend a rehabilitative Pilates class which helps to prevent re-injury and improves posture.

Best piece of advice you ever received (related to work or otherwise)?

“Do what you love and love what you do.”. It definitely applies to my job!

Rachel was one of the first businesses to adapt BookingHawk.com to take online bookings. We tip our hat to someone that can spot a great idea and isn’t afraid of being a trail blazer. If you are interested in taking commission free online bookings for your business, click here.

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