New Features November 2019

Our latest release comes with even more efficiency improving, admin busting features! Without further ado, here are the details.

Google Calendar Integration*

If you are the kind of person that keeps your diary n Google Calendar, then you are going to love this feature. Once you connect your Google Calendar to, we won’t show any times as available if you have a clashing event in your Google Calendar.

We will also add any bookings taken on as events into your Google Calendar. To see a demo, watch this short video.

Integrate your Google Calendar to

*Only available for appointments and not events/classes. To see how to integrate your calendar, click here.

Virtual Locations

More and more of our customers were telling us that many of their appointments are online as opposed to in a physical room. Thus, having your business address displayed as the location for booking was not appropriate. Therefore we have added the ability for your bookings to be displayed as a URL or Skype username. Here is a short demonstration.

Virtual Locations

Other Items

We have also made some subtle improvements, cosmetic adjustments as well as fixing some minor defects. Full list below.

  • Improved search engine rankings via defect fix in our
  • Facility to change the date of events with bookings
  • Refund amount is now displayed in cancellation emails
  • Closed places for an event can now be reopened on the date of the event
  • Paying an invoice is now possible from several places
  • Billing icon fixed in dashboard
  • Business can accept payments in a currency other than the one of their registered address
  • No more rouge commas in the display address of your business or event
  • Price is not shown when the event is free. Prior to this fix, it always displayed as €0.00
  • The waiting list is now accessible on mobile devices in the dashboard
  • Searching for bookings by email address is now possible
  • Search algorithm improved to increase response times

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