New Features January 2020

Happy New Year to you. Our latest release comes with even more time saving, admin busting features. The biggest change to our scheduling system is the addition of receipts. This means that you can now:

  • Manually create a pdf receipt and download it or email it to your client
  • Have the system automatically email receipts to your clients the day after their booking

The receipts file type is .PDF and it can (but does not have to!) include your business name, business address, registered tax number, tax rate and more. Below is a sample receipt:


Manually Created Receipts

If you would like to try creating a receipt yourself, see this short explainer video on where to do so in the dashboard:

Manually Created pdf Receipts

Automatically Emailed Receipts

Receipts can automatically be sent to non-canceled appointments the day after the appointment/event/class. This happens automatically without your intervention. All you need to do is to turn them on! To see how, take a look at this short video:

Automatically Sent pdf Receipts

Easily Differentiate Bookings Made Via The Dashboard

A number of our clients wanted an easy way to differentiate bookings which were made by clients and bookings which were made via the system dashboard. As of this release, the subject line for the booking confirmation which gets sent to the admin, now indicates if the booking was made via the dashboard. See the below screenshot for two bookings, one of which was made by the client, the other by the business:

Clearly differentiate between bookings made by the client and via the dashboard

Booking In Progress Pop-up

We have noticed an increase in the number of clients clicking ‘book’ and then aborting their booking. This sometimes leads to payments getting processed without bookings getting created. To discourage clients from aborting their bookings, a pop-up has been added to clearly indicate that the booking is in progress.

Pop-up when the booking is in progress

Improved ‘Manage Booking’ For Clients

There is now a clear button in the clients’ booking confirmation email which they can click to self-manage their booking.

The new ‘Manage Booking’ button in booking confirmation email which is sent to clients

Other Improvements

As well as the above, we also made improvements to data exporting as well as fixing a number of minor defects.

Thanks for reading and all the best for 2020!

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