What is the best booking system in the UK?

There is a new answer to this question. BookingHawk.com brings its class/group bookings, event bookings, appointment bookings, payments, and clients notes features to the UK. As of today, BookingHawk.com supports online bookings for UK based businesses. That means payments in pounds as well as euro are accepted and processed through our integration with Stripe.

On top of this, we have tightened up some other small defects around:

  • Event copying
  • It is now possible to add additional times to an event / course that already has bookings
  • Both the business and the client are now notified if an attempted cancellation fails (this has never happened!). Just some extra insurance in case it ever did
  • You can now view who has added themselves to your waiting list in the dashboard

The improvements keep on coming. In the coming weeks, we are planning on releasing some exciting new features that are already in development.

BookingHawk.com, become the business your clients love to book!

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