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Customer Notes – Update May 21st 2017

The latest release of our software sees the introduction of some very exciting features. The biggest of which is customer notes. Once again, these changes are a result of feedback and suggestions from businesses using BookingHawk.com. Keep the suggestions coming!

Customer/Patient Notes

Now when you add a note to a customer, it will appear alongside every booking that they make. This will allow you to track their history. It will prove particularly useful to business using the system in a clinical environment such as physiotherapists or nutritionists. To see an example of customer notes in action, see this short video.

Existing Customer Search

BookingHawk.com now remembers customers! This makes it easier for the business owner to create a follow up booking for a customer.

Improved Search Engine Visibility

We yet again made enhancements to our system to facilitate improved search engine visibility. These changes are behind the scenes and you probably wont notice them. But we felt it important to let you know that we work hard to make your business visible to people searching online!

Better Self Management Experience

Previously, when a user cancelled their booking using the ‘Manage Booking’ link on the homepage, they were redirected to the BookingHawk.com home page. Now when a user cancels their booking with your business, they are redirected to your business profile page. Thus making a re-booking of an alternative date/time much easier.

Ability to Search For Event Only Businesses

If you are using BookingHawk.com to run events (Pilates classes / walking tours / once off fun runs etc) a user may now search for your organisation using the search bar in the header of the home page.

And The Rest…

Additional updates include:

  • Improved mobile experience by further optimisation of the display for smaller screen sizes.
  • Updated text on action buttons in the business owner dashboard to make use of the system easier.
  • Updated messages on business profile page when no times are available. This change prompts customers to call your business if there are no suitable times available.

May 1st 2017 – Minor Improvements

The latest product release includes some minor improvements but is really a stepping stone toward our next major feature release. Updates to the product schema mean that the next release will be less risky. Regarding the improvements for online bookings, the following minor adjustments have been made:

  • User is now advised to check their spam folders for confirmation booking emails. This comes on the back of one report that a user had observed an email automatically going to their spam folder.
  • Upgrade in our security which is never a bad thing.
  • Ability to have a separate event booking confirmation email subject, to the event name. Previously, the email the user received, automatically had the subject line with the name of the event. Now the event facilitator can decide to have a separate subject, for example, “Thank you for booking your place in the pilates class”
  • The timetable that the business owner sees when they login to the dashboard is now automatically ordered chronologically.


Enterprise Ireland Investment For BookingHawk.com

Dublin, April 26th, 2017

BookingHawk.com has successfully applied for funding from Enterprise Ireland. This is the first outside investment in the project and comes as part of The New Frontiers Phase 2 Programme which is facilitated by Enterprise Ireland. Participation in the programme entails full-time participation in workshops, mentoring and regular reviews. Financial support comes in the form of €15,000 in equity free funding.

Development on BookingHawk.com started in 2015 and since then, it has emerged from an early access phase where the number and variety of businesses on the site have gradually increased. Through secure integration with online payments gateway Stripe, BookingHawk.com has experienced steady growth. Included in the growing number of organisations and businesses using the software is a third level Institute of Technology.

Businesses in South Africa, Germany and The United States have all registered on the system to increase their efficiency and expand their customer base. The focus of the next six months for BookingHawk.com will be further additions to the software capabilities of the booking system. Allied to this, the continuation of the first class customer support model is seen as key to the growth of the software platform.

“I am delighted that the application to Phase 2 has been successful.” said company founder Niall Smith. “The financial investment is a boost and I believe that there is a great deal of value to be gained by participating in the programme workshops, networking sessions and mentoring. BookingHawk.com is operating in a highly competitive market so for us, customer support is of paramount importance. We believe that a system such as this should take up as little of the business owners time as possible. The feedback we’re getting to date reflects the value we are adding to organisations of all types and sizes.”

BookingHawk.com is an Irish solution for online bookings and diary management. The start-up software company facilitates businesses of all types to take commission free online bookings as well as allowing them to access their diary from anywhere with an internet connection. The online booking system is competitively priced at a flat, no contract rate of €11.14 per month. The goal of BookingHawk.com is to increase efficiency, improve brand perception and grow the customer base of the businesses using it. As a result, it will make procuring there services a much improved experience for the customers of these businesses. To date, it has proven to be a useful client acquisition and efficiency improvement tool for physiotherapists, chiropodists, sports facilities, nutritionists, B&B’s and holistic centers.