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Online Booking Payments and Deposits With BookingHawk.com

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BookingHawk.com is securely integrated with the payment processing company named Stripe.
Stripe are the new standard in online payments. They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. By using Stripe to process our payments, we are making sure that your customers details are offered the best security available and that we abide by all the required legislation.

So how does it work?

When a user makes a payment through BookingHawk.com for your service, the users card is immediately debited and the funds move to Stripe. Once you honour the users booking, BookingHawk.com deposit the payment, less the Stripe commission, into your nominated bank account.

The Stripe commission fees can be seen on their website. When a user books your service with a European card, the commission fee is 1.4%, plus 25c plus tax. So for example a European card with the Irish VAT rate of 23% means that Stripe take 48c of a €10 payment.

With BookingHawk.com, you can set your own cancellation policy. If a user cancels and they are due a refund, they get 100% of what they paid refunded, including the commission.


When will you get your money?

As with most things in life, that depends. It depends on how many days in advance a user is booking a service for. There are two scenarios.

  1. The first, known as a ‘Long Notice Booking’ is when a user books a service for a date in the future, more than 7 days in the future to be exact.
  2. The second scenario, known as a ‘Short Notice Booking‘ is when a user books a service at short notice, short notice being defined as date less than 7 days away).

Long Notice Booking

The money will be in your account within 5 working days after the service is hououred. For example, Frank books a service for February 1st 2021. The money is held by BookingHawk.com until February 3rd. At that point, neither party can no longer issue a refund and the bank transfer begins.

Short Notice Booking

Stripe hold all European payments as pending for a period of 7 business days. So 7 business days after the payment is received, BookingHawk.com trigger the transfer that should be in your account within 3 working days. In our first scenario, that 7 day pending period was swallowed up in the wait for February 1st. Don’t worry about transactions being in pending mode, once they enter pending, BookingHawk.com guarantees payment for your service. We can do that because Stripe make that guarantee to BookingHawk.com

All of this happens automatically. It may sound a little complex but it just means that you don’t need to worry about issuing refunds or creating bank transfers. We also make it nice and easy for you to trace back each payment to the booking it relates to with our consistent bank transfer code. The code you see in BookingHawk.com is the code you will see on your bank statement.


Mandatory Booking Code – Product Update June 4th 2017

Release 23 of BookingHawk.com adds more flexibility and adaptability to the ever popular online booking system. This release sees two significant changes move into our live site. So without further ado…

Mandatory Booking Codes

For a while now, it has been possible to allow your customers enter codes at booking time to either:

  1. Get a discounted booking
  2. Bypass an otherwise mandatory booking deposit

The latest  release sees the addition of mandatory booking codes. This feature means that a customer cannot attempt  to make a booking for your service unless they are in posession of a booking code. This feature means that the online booking system is now suitable to for a room booking system.

The following screen shots demonstrate how this new functionality operates:


Step one of the booking process remains unchanged. The user selected the date, time and asset (in this case room) that they wish to book


Step 2 of completing a booking which requires a mandatory booking code. A user is required to enter in a booking code. This code is controlled by the administrator of the business. The code can be amended, edited or remoed by the admin at any time.


Once the user has entered in a correct and valid code, they are then presented with the final booking screen. They may now complete their booking.

Control How Much Of Your Calendar Your Customer Sees

Previously, you could limit the amount of your calendar that your customer saw, only in months. This latest release facilitates you to set the limit in days, months or weeks. This is a useful feature where your assets are in high demand.


A new control set allows a business to have a higher degree of granularity around how many days their customers may view their calendar in advance. Here, the business is observed to set the limit to 2 weeks.


This 2 week control is reflected on the business profile page. Here we can see that a customer only has 2 weeks visibility into the booking availability of the business.


In the above image, the administrator can be observed setting the amount of visibility to 5 days.


The 5 day visibility setting can now be observed on the business profile page which the customer sees. The calendar and visibility in the dashboard is unaffected.

And The Rest…

Additional updates include:

  • Configurable email setting for appointments. Now a customer is always emailed their booking information and the business admin can optionally add a message that will be included with each email
  • Updated auto booking emails with more accurate hyperlinks
  • Enhancement to event booking notes
  • Improved product branding with the replacement of Booking Hawk with BookingHawk.com
  • More information about customer/patient/case notes added to the homepage of BookingHawk.com
  • Updated invoice template
  • Updated terms and conditions
  • Updated privacy statement
  • Order added to the timetable overview page in the business dashboard
  • Manage Booking page will no longer return bookings that are in the past to a customer. The business admin can still see all past bookings in the dashboard
  • Option granted to admin for whether or not they display the appointment end times to the customer
  • Fix added for missing style on event booking management page for customer
  • Ability added for an event attendee to book more than one place at a time when making an event booking

Online Booking System For Classes

From speaking with facilitators and organisers of many different types of classes, we understand the pain involved in enrolling people into your class. Your phone rings at all hours of the day and night, (which, lets face it, is worse than not ringing at all). People are busy and finding less time during sociable hours, to call you up and enrol in your class. When they do call, you jot down their details, confirm the dates and tell them you are looking forward to seeing them on the start date. All going well, on the first day of your class, 100% of the people whom called you, turn up. From our research, it is likely that things don’t often run as smoothly as this (if you would dare to call the above process smooth!)

Allow us to introduce…

Online Bookings For Classes

Using our secure online booking software, you will find that organising classes can be a hassle free experience. Our system will enable you to allow your clients to self-manage their bookings which mean your phone will be ringing less, leaving you to get on with your life! Our online software will also provide you with an accessible anywhere dashboard where you can easily manage your class bookings. From our dashboard, you can:

  • Quickly view enrolled attendees
  • See who has paid and how much they have paid
  • Set up a new class/event in less than 60 seconds
  • Print off attendee lists
  • Add notes to attendees which will appear against their name anytime they booking
  • Easily send an email to all attendees in a class
  • Quickly send an SMS to your enrolled clients

This is how your bookings page will look to your customer. (Click for a larger view)


What sets our class booking software apart from the rest is our undying commitment to customer support. We actively encourage our class facilitators to get in touch with us as often as possible. If something in the system doesn’t make sense to you, chances are it doesn’t make sense to others. Tell us about it! We love to think of clever ways to make our system better, your life easier and your class booking system as efficient as possible.


Add all of your available classes to BookingHawk.com so that a user may book the one that best suits their interests.

When you are logged in as the administrator of the system, you can create new classes, edit ongoing classes (eg, reduce/increase capacity etc) and carry out a whole range of tasks. We pride ourselves on making our class booking system as easy to use as possible. Our dashboard screens have been designed to be easily navigated and configured.


This is the screen that you will see when you are creating a new class that you would like to take online bookings for

Register your business on BookingHawk.com today and within minutes your classes schedule will be online and available for bookings! You don’t even need a website and we will be happy to step in and help you if you would like us to. Go on, get your classes online today