Santa Comes Early to

At Christmas has come early with our latest software release. It includes some defect fixes as well as some great new features for the event/class side of the system. Click on each item to see a sub-two minute video which demonstrates the feature. Happy Christmas!

PS – another release with even more features is scheduled for the end of January 2019!

New Features

  • Waiting Lists For Events – now when you’re fully booked, clients can add their name to a waiting list. If somebody cancels their booking, each person on the waiting list will get an email to notify them that a space has opened up. They will also get an email if you increase the event capacity or reopen closed spaces. You can also look at the waiting list at any time so you know just how over-subscribed your event/class was!
  • Notes For Events – keep notes on your clients. Any note you create on the client ofr one event/class, will be available on all of the clients bookings.
  • Discount Codes For Events – run promotions and allow clients to get a discount for booking your event/class
  • Mandatory Booking Codes For Events – run in house or member only events by allowing access to your booking page via a secret code only!
  • Bypass Booking Payments For Events – you may have some favoured clients, please them by sharing a code so that they can book their place on your event without having to pay a booking deposit.

Defect Fixes

  • Error message no longer shows in dashboard when you cancel a clients booking
  • Minor UI improvements for the client booking pages
  • Smoother process for clients when they cancel an event booking
  • Incorrect headings resolved on data exports

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