Customer Notes – Update May 21st 2017

The latest release of our software sees the introduction of some very exciting features. The biggest of which is customer notes. Once again, these changes are a result of feedback and suggestions from businesses using Keep the suggestions coming!

Customer/Patient Notes

Now when you add a note to a customer, it will appear alongside every booking that they make. This will allow you to track their history. It will prove particularly useful to business using the system in a clinical environment such as physiotherapists or nutritionists. To see an example of customer notes in action, see this short video.

Existing Customer Search now remembers customers! This makes it easier for the business owner to create a follow up booking for a customer.

Improved Search Engine Visibility

We yet again made enhancements to our system to facilitate improved search engine visibility. These changes are behind the scenes and you probably wont notice them. But we felt it important to let you know that we work hard to make your business visible to people searching online!

Better Self Management Experience

Previously, when a user cancelled their booking using the ‘Manage Booking’ link on the homepage, they were redirected to the home page. Now when a user cancels their booking with your business, they are redirected to your business profile page. Thus making a re-booking of an alternative date/time much easier.

Ability to Search For Event Only Businesses

If you are using to run events (Pilates classes / walking tours / once off fun runs etc) a user may now search for your organisation using the search bar in the header of the home page.

And The Rest…

Additional updates include:

  • Improved mobile experience by further optimisation of the display for smaller screen sizes.
  • Updated text on action buttons in the business owner dashboard to make use of the system easier.
  • Updated messages on business profile page when no times are available. This change prompts customers to call your business if there are no suitable times available.

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