Speech and Drama classes for Teens.

Pure Drama Seniors explore improvisation games, techniques, and concepts in a fun, supportive environment. The focus is on spontaneity, creativity, playfulness, and imagination, whilst developing valuable confidence and interpersonal skills. As our ensemble develops, working together team building and encouraging positivity as well as enhance listening and reacting skills will all be part of the participants growth.   Through games, play-acting stories and poetry, movement and music we will explore theatre and our actors will increase in confidence.  

Participants will have the opportunity to not only appear in shows, but also work towards Speech & Drama exams as an ongoing option.

Pure Drama Yes Please!


Yes please - reserve my spot for Pure Drama Seniors!

Pure Drama - Teens


1 x participant - Teens Speech and Drama class

Pure Drama Teens Siblings x 2


Siblings x 2 - Teens Speech and Drama class

Pure Drama Teens Siblings x 3


Siblings x 3 - Teens Speech and Drama class

Pure Drama & Just Sing!


Come early and stay for 2 hours and join our Just Sing Junior Choir for just €5 extra (full price €10) - Pure Drama Just Sing!

Just Sing! is Pitch & Pulse's popular adult choir which meets every second Monday of the month to sing 80s and 90s songs. Just Sing will be our Junior section singing popular, current songs in the style of Pitch Perfect.

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