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  • Commission Free
  • €11.14 Per Month
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Commission Free
€11.14 Per Month
30 Day Free Trial
No Contract is an online booking and management system currently used by businesses in the following sectors

Hospitality | Sport | Healthcare | Nutrition | Tourism

If your business offers a standard duration service that is currently booked over the phone then will take online bookings for you.

Connect Your Customers To Your Calendar

"Just to let you know that things are going very well with We are very happy with it so far and are getting some good bookings on it. It is taking away the issues of negotiating rates on the phone which is good."

-Anna Smyth, Barrowville Townhouse Carlow (B&B)

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Take Online Bookings 24/7

By getting your business on, you are allowing your customers full-time access to your business. This means that your customers can book appointments with you even if there is nobody available to answer the phone. After all, most secretaries only work an 8 hour day.

Manage Multiple Locations

Our flexible software can handle even the most bespoke timetable. If you are based in a different location every day, has been engineered to make your life easier. With a few simple clicks, our software can be shaped to suit your timetable.

Case Notes

Whatever your business, can manage case notes for each of your customers. This can be very useful for businesses that see their clients on a regular basis, E.g. physiotherapy. This feature is also known as patient notes and or customer notes.

Take Booking Deposits

For all your dates and times, you can set a minimum amount that an online booker must pay to secure their appointment. This figure can be the same across all your times or unique to individual times. Perhaps you only want to collect deposits for your high demand dates and times, perhaps you want to collect a booking deposit for every booking. Whatever your need, will work for you.

Unlimited Bookable Assets

Other online booking systems charge you based on the size of your staff or the number of assets you have for hire. is different. We do not penalise you for growing your business. The more customers you have, the more customers will see our online booking software. We count on this exposure to grow.

Self managed Cancellations

Using the 'Manage Booking' link at the top of the page, a user can cancel their booking themselves, thus saving you and them time and hassle.

Bypassing Payment

We understand that you may have regular customers that you would like to permit to book without making a payment. Therefore we have facilitated you to create a code to provide to such users. On application of this code, users can bypass the otherwise mandatory payment when booking your service online.

Secure payments

Online security is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to payments. That is why we have chosen Stripe as our online payments partner. We are proud to be listed on their website. Click here for more information

Increase Your online presence

We love social media. We also love our customers. When you partner with, we will be telling as many people as we can!

Reduce Your No Shows

With features such as booking deposits and automatic SMS reminders, will provide you with tools which drastically reduce your no-shows. One of our existing customers has completely eliminated theirs.

SMS Reminders will automatically send your client an SMS reminder 24 hours before their appointment start time leaving you to concentrate on your profession.

Customisable Cancellation Period

With, you can specify how many hours before the appointment time that your customer can cancel and get a full refund. If your customer cancels with enough notice, they will automatically be issued with a refund. If they cancel at short notice, as per their implicitly agreed booking contract, they will not get a refund.

Discount Codes

Create your very own discount and promotional codes. So when a user is booking your service, they can get a percentage off their appointment. The code will work regardless of whether you take a payment online or not. You can apply the discount code to all your assets or to just one. This is an ideal ally to your Facebook or online advertising campaign.

Unparalleled Support

We understand that many business owners work from their paper diary. We know it will take something special to break that habit and move toward an online diary. We recognise that the less time you need to spend on our system, the better designed our system is. There are tons of online booking systems for you to choose from, but none offer customer support like

Ask Customisable Booking Questions

When a customer is entering their information whilst in the process of making a booking, you have the option of presenting them with questions. For example, 'Where did you hear about us?', 'Have you been with us before?' etc.

Free Refunds

If your customer has paid a deposit when creating a booking and cancels before their free deadline passes, your customer will get a full refund. will not deduct anything for processing refunded transactions.

Future Feature Plans

Our future plans are very exciting. We love getting customer feedback as it feeds directly into our product plans. If you want to know what new features we have planned, please get in touch.

Diary Management

View your upcoming bookings for the week ahead. Easily close off appointment times or full days. Print out a list of bookings for any day. Track your financials. Monitor which of your assets is booked the most. Monitor which of your assets is cancelled the most. Our clean and clutter free screens mean that transitioning from your paper diary to our online diary will be as pain-free as possible

Take Credit Card Payments

Apart from taking online booking deposits, can also act as a point-of-sale credit card terminal for your business. So you can take a credit card payment from a customer even if they have not booked online.

Grant Generous Refunds

If your customer cancels at short notice, after their agreed free refund cut-off time, they will not get automatically refunded. However, as the business owner, you may still grant them a Generous Refund. All with a few simple clicks. So no need to worry about your best customer getting offended by just missing their cancellation window.

Organise and Take Bookings for events has recently rolled out its group booking and event functionality. This will allow users to take bookings for classes/tours/concerts/talks or any other event where more than one user will be attending.

Restrict Viewable Appointments

If you wish to restrict the number of available appointments viewable to your customers at any one time, you can do so with Restrictions. Restrictions allow you to say that between a certain time period, no matter how many free appointments that you have, only 1 will ever show. The times of these restrictions are fully customisable, as is the number of free appointments which you show.

YouTube Tutorials

We know that you are busy. Therefore when you want to configure a certain feature or learn how to change something in your dashboard, you want to do so as quick as possible. That is why, if you send us a question asking how to do something, we will reply with a tutorial video, normally less than 60 seconds long. What if we don't have a video to answer your query? Well, then we will just make one!

Reach New Customers

Online bookings are a great way to lower the barrier of entry to your business for new customers. If they have found your website, with the aid of our online booking software, within a few clicks they have scheduled an appointment with your business and you have their contact details.

Reduce Cash Based Transactions

There are many advantages to reducing the cash on your premises. Having people pre-pay online will ensure that you waste less time lodging, securing and counting cash.