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We understand that organising parent-teacher meetings takes a great deal of effort. You and your teachers invest significant amounts of time planning. You plan for the meetings so that parents get as much value as possible from the conversation. Then, the time you have picked does not suit the parents. You end up with queues of parents and rushed conversations. is the tool that will transform you into the school with the best-scheduled parent-teacher meetings possible. Feedback from both parents and teachers has been glowing. Parents love being able to book a time that suits them. Teachers love not having to spend additional time organising the meetings only to be at the mercy of parents schedules.

So click on the Sign Up button now. Fill out a simple form (with no payment information!). We will create one page that you can share with all your parents. They will simply select their child's teacher, pick an available time, fill in their name and click 'Book'. Once all of the parents have booked, you can print off each teachers schedule. When the meetings are over, and you join our list of delighted clients, we will invoice you for €15 per teacher (including VAT). Don't waste any more time on scheduling, sign up today.

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"Before discovering, I was struggling to efficiently create a meeting schedule for an international delegation visiting Ireland. I knew it would be time consuming to manually book times for each meeting. I got in touch with and their customer support team was able to show me step by step how to successfully use the platform. They took the time to understand my event and make sure that the platform would solve the specific problems I needed it to for the scheduling. By using I saved hours of my own time in scheduling and was able to put that time towards other aspects of planning the event. In the end, we held over 70 meetings without any issue and counted the event a great success."
Hannah Webb - Business and Consumer Services & Retail Technology - Enterprise Ireland New York

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