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Let us help you become the Yoga business that can plan schedules accurately, eliminate no-shows and become more efficient. Try out our system for 30-days. It is very easy to use. Your students will be able to book themselves in, pay a deposit and cancel their booking without having to call you.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Once you register, we will be in touch to make sure any questions you have are answered. We can even share our screen and show you around. You don't have to part with any payment or share any credit card information until you decide the system is right for you. If you do become a customer, you will be free to leave the service at any time, with no cancellation costs or hidden fees.

So say goodbye to planning for a full class and having only some of the students show up. Wave farewell to the feeling of being tied to your phone. Register now for your free 30-day trial. We think you'll love swapping time spent on admin work for more time at your organised and smarter working Yoga studio.

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"Before I was using, I found it difficult to switch off my phone out of hours as I felt I had to answer every call that came through. After signing up for the service, I can relax in the knowledge that potential and existing clients can book their appointments themselves at times that suit them. The best thing about the system is my immediate notification of new appointments mean I am keeping track of these new appointments, and I have the added bonus of an online diary that I can use for everyday running of my clinic. My clients also enjoy the online payment facility!"
"Before using, we had the problems of missing client calls, clients not turning up or clients cancelling their appointment last minute. It was very frustrating because it left us with empty slots in the diary which could have been given to other clients. solved that problem by offering a booking service which allows the client to either pay a deposit or pay in full, which means more security for us and also offers an easy payment service to the client. Now, our business works more efficiently and it is in no small part due to"
Margot Kearney - The Nutrition Clinic
"We run first aid classes once a month that are open to the public. We regularly had people booking in but not turning up. As the permitted ratio of students to instructors is limited, this always had a negative effect on our margins. I read about on Linkedin and realised they were the solution to our problem. All of classes are now prepaid and we no longer have any no-shows."
"Healthcare Training Solutions deliver a number of QQI courses each week in various locations around the country. At the end of each module our tutors used to make a note of how many students wished to continue to the next module. allows our students to book themselves into the next module and to pay online. This system has significantly reduced the amount of time we need to spend on administration."

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