This mini retreat day is all about restoring balance. We will celebrate the autumn equinox as the light and dark energises become equal, we to can take the opportunity to align with nature, restoring balance to our lives and in our yoga practice.

As summer comes towards an end, and the days become shorter, we can experience a sense of completion as we start to slow down, reflect and ultimately let go into a new season.

During your day you will enjoy a delicious plant-based lunch with our friends at The Crowspotter Café, move through a truly balancing yoga practice and if you’re feeling brave, take a trip to the outdoor sauna and cold-water shower…and/or get a little creative with some Autumn crafts or a chilled- out forest walk.

Expect to move seamlessly in balancing yoga flow, to soften into a cosy restorative yoga practice and to relax deeply into some autumn equinox-inspired guided meditations.

In this beautiful forest location, come and join us for your self-care retreat and allow yourself to connect within and simply slow down for a true sense of rest and relaxation.

How will your day Look?

10am – Welcome

10.15am – Balancing Yoga Flow

11.30am – Outdoor Sauna/Cold Water Shower and/or Autumn Crafts

12.45pm – Lunch

2pm – Forest Walk or Chill Time

2.30pm – Tea & Treats

2.45pm – Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

4.30pm - Finish 

How many places do you wish to book?