Illuminated with soft candles and fairy lights, the scent of relaxing essential oils filling the air, this is an evening abundant in all things relaxation.

We’ll begin with some scientifically proven relaxation practices to calm anxiety and tension, then some gentle yoga and somatic movement to ease away any stress held in the body and help us glide gently into relaxation. Then a wonderful guided meditation to help you drift deeper through your Kosha states to the Bliss state. A state of deep rest and a chance to recharge. We’ll then have crystal healing bowls played LIVE to bathe you in beautiful healing vibrations, allowing you to lay and rest in stillness, without distraction.

As a special treat we’ll have a wonderful local therapist join us to provide a mini massage and reiki/energy healing whilst you are soaking up the healing vibrations of the sound bath. Pure bliss.

No experience necessary. All incredibly welcome  

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