A Sound Bath on the Full Moon Scorpio - the moon to change and transform

A moon with powerful energy it will shine the brightest lights on your emotions and shadow side. For this full moon we will begin with a short mediation to anchor deep feelings of safety and security within yourself. This is the perfect moon to shine a light on all the thoughts, memories and actions that you would like to let go - allow things to die away in order to become more authentic, whole and complete

When you come to a sound bath you are taken into a place that is somewhere in-between, that slides into the gaps and lures you gently into pure awareness.

The frequencies of the bowls take your brain to a deep state of relaxation that is called the Theta State. This is when the brain waves slow down to between 3 - 7 hz a frequency associated with deep relaxation. It feels like being asleep and awake at the same time. 

Herbal tea is available on arrival from 6:00pm and you can take time to to a Moonology card reading and settle down. Everything is provided for you at the studio - blankets and bolsters to make sure you are comfortable. All you have to do is arrive, rest and float away afterwards as all tidying up is taken care of for you.

Places are very limited this sound bath takes place at The Yoga Studio in a former 1920's music studio.