Join me for a 2.5 hour workshop where I will show you how to use resistance bands to enhance and add fun to your yoga practice.

Resistance bands are great for:

  1. Increasing your core strength
  2. Building whole body strength
  3. Increasing body balance and improve posture
  4. Improving the flexbility and mobility of muscles and joints
  5. Improving proprioception (awareness of where your body is in space) which will help protect you from falls and injury.
  6. Adding variety and challenge to your yoga practice so that you get more out of the poses

I will provide the resistance bands and mats etc are all available at the studio. The workshop size will be 6 people only so that you can play, have fun and know that you will be in a safe and cosy space. You will also get 121 help from Sarah whenever you need it as the class size will be small.

Book by June 8th and Sarah will make you up your own set of resistance bands that are yours to keep after the workshop

How many places do you wish to book?