What does it mean to have a vision?

Do you have hope, meaning, purpose?

How do you turn these into reality?

Debbie Cluness will be holding a vision boarding session on Saturday 7th September 10-12.30. The session will be warm and welcoming and include a cuppa and some snacks. We will begin by gathering together and I will invite everyone if you wish to share what you would like to get out of the session. There will then be a 10 minute meditation in order to connect with what your vision going into Autumn might be. This helps to ground you and bring you into a space where you can work creatively. We will spend around an hour creating our vision board.

At this point, we will have a small refreshment break and then I would like to invite anyone who wishes to share what they have created. We will agree at the start of the session that what is shared will remain within the group in order to help the group participants feel comfortable throughout and maintain confidentiality. There will be no pressure to share anything.

Some questions;

What is vision boarding? Vision boards are visual representations of the hope and direction you wish your life to take. You may have a theme or idea you wish to work on or not. Either way the session will focus on working through some magazines or other material you wish to bring that stands out for you. Cutting out images, words, colours and then gluing these onto a piece of paper. You can then use other mediums supplied to write or draw on your vision board if you wish. Then sit back and admire your creation. What does it mean to you, what is standing out for you, are there any surprises?

What will be supplied: paper and various art mediums including, water colours, paint pencils, pens and pencils. There will be a selection of magazines and some scissors and glue.

What should you bring: if you have magazines/other resources (such as photographs) you wish to work through to contribute to your vision board then please bring them. A blanket and water bottle will be useful also. 

Our Vision Board Session will be held on Saturday 7th September from 10am-12.30pm. It costs £25 to attend, which covers all materials provided and hot drinks and snacks. You will have created something that you can take home with you.

Do get in contact with any questions: pause@pauseandbreathe.co.uk

Meet Your Facilitator:

Debbie is an integrative counsellor based in private practice and in high school working with all ages. Her passion is working creatively, which encompasses many ways including working with sand, stones, creative art; paint, pastels, pens and pencils. This brings her to offering a vision boarding session where I will hold the space for the group. Debbie is a mother of 2 boys, a wife, sister and daughter and has a lot of time for the people in my life who she cares about. She also has a cat called Biggles who quite frankly rules the home. Spare time doesn’t come freely but she tries to create it and connecting with others is always her priority along with listening to live music concerts, outdoor swimming, yoga and pilates. Her body is changing as she gets older so exercise can be painful but walking is currently suiting her well. Debbie says: "I am looking forward to meeting you and spending time in a creative space."

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