We have gained funding from the Safe Deposits Scotland Community Fund to hold a series of FREE Wellbeing Sessions on Friday mornings.

Our Friday Morning Wellbeing session this week will be "Exploring Somatic Meditation", held by Louise McAllan.

Modern life is frazzling our nervous systems and pushing us into a state of dysregulation- Somatic mediation is a technique which allows us to connect with and explore the felt sense of our bodies, bringing us back into regulation and wholeness.

Through gentle somatic movement and meditation, we will explore sensations, thoughts and feelings in the body, learning how to observe these through a lens of safety. We will explore some of the ways that traditional meditation can actually disconnect us from our felt experience, learn to let go of any effort to feel a particular way or achieve any particular state, and explore how it feels to meet ourselves exactly where we are.

Somatic movement and meditation are grounding and nourishing practices which regulate the nervous system and build connection with the body. They help us to build awareness of our patterns and triggers, allowing us to bring safety into our system and reduce anxiety and chronic symptoms.

Bring your favourite things for meditation- some warm socks, cushion, stool etc or you can use a chair. 

This session is being held on Friday 12th July from 10-11.30am. The session will be an hour, followed by the chance to stay for a cuppa, biscuit and a chat.

Get in touch with any questions: susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk

Meet your facilitator:

Louise is a mind body health practitioner and recovery coach who brings 10+ years of experience in mindfulness and somatics as well as deep compassion and understanding to her work. Her approach is informed by her own recovery from ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, PoTS, chronic migraine, functional seizures/FND and a range of other symptoms and diagnoses which had left her housebound and using a wheelchair for over 8 years. She is motivated by building communities of support in both the experience of ill health and in the journey of recovery and her approach is about simplicity and keeping it real- demystifying the mind body approach to keep things accessible for everyone. You can find out more about Louise at www.louisemcallan.com

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