Some children just seem to be born deep feelers. Other children experience early trauma or challenges that can cause lasting effects. Whether as a result of nature or nurture, when children have intense connection needs, they might be described as "clingy", "needy", "emotional", "overly talkative", as they set about trying to meet their own needs. Adults who are trying to parent from a positive paradigm might struggle to meet their child's needs without sacrificing their own mental health, or body boundaries. Occupational therapist Kelsie Olds shares theory as well as practical ways to empower parents to meet the needs of everyone in their family -- themselves included.

Kelsie is a mom of two, bringing play ideas for kids & adults of all ages and ability levels. We believe Black Lives Matter, play has no gender, children deserve respect as full human beings, kids do well if they can, and play is the thing!

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