AAC Clinic: TD Snap

CJay will be joining us again on June 26th for a demo of TD Snap. They will be going through how to set up the AAC: from the basics, making pages, to editing and other good to know features!

This webinar will take a Q&A format so please send your TD Snap questions to education@ neurodiversityireland.com and CJay will speak to them! You can ask qs in the chat on the day also! 


I'm CJay. I am an AuDHDer in my a final year student at TU Dublin studying Information Systems & Information Technology. I'm Autistic, Dyslexic and I work in an autistic school. I am going to share my knowledge about assistive technology, why it’s important and how to use your devices, like Tobii and Grid, to best benefit the user.

I am currently working to develop assistive technology informed by personal experience and experience working with neuro-spicy individuals. Ive done award winning work in assistive technology and I'm passionate about sharing my skills with others.

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