What to expect in class:

Our classes provide a myriad of developmental activities that are great fun for parents and children to share in the vital first five years.

Our classes include light exploration, puppet shows, dancing, instrument exploration, parachute time, bubbles and so much more; there is always something different.

Each class includes several different activities each week and exploration play time at the beginning of each class to allow you and your little one to settle in and socialize.

Engage with your child in a Multi-Sensory Play & Music Adventure with a different theme every week to keep your little one on their toes.

Learn basic musical concepts such as rhythm, beat, tempo and dynamics and also supports your child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development through play.

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Time: 11.15am

Class: Sensory Baby Play and Music

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Time: 11.15am

Class: Sensory Baby Play and Music

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