Let the body become still and the mind quiet as we focus on going deeper into relaxation. Through restorative yoga and guided meditation, allow your nervous system time to slow down and any stress and tension to melt away.

With the use of cosy blankets, bolsters and cushions, this very gentle and relaxed retreat morning will help you to unwind into your weekend.

In this modern world, lots of us are in a constant state of stress as we rush to hit deadlines and complete to do lists forgetting to slow down and focus on our health and wellbeing. Rest is vital, it can improve sleep, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

So take an morning for yourself, take the pressure off, breathe slowly, move mindfully and restore balance to your body and mind.

Let's celebrate self care this summer with gentle yoga movement, restful poses, delicious treats and healthy juices, maybe even a forest walk in the sunshine...

*Tea, coffee & treats included*