Join me Sunday March 26th and sit with Compassion. This offering is a monthly meet up, a space to come together in joy, in practice. To share, be nurtured and be held within a safe space. We will begin with a yoga class lead by Chris Molloy. The class will be a Bhakti class filled with devotion for yourself. An offering of love and gratitude for the year that has passed and welcoming the light of the year ahead. The space will be there for you to rest, restore and recharge. Being together, practicing yoga together, supporting one another, showing up for every woman in the room.

The theme of March's circle is Compassion. Our lives play out in front of us and we are products of everything that has shaped us. At this gathering we will see that the personal and essential happens to us at the right time it touches us so deeply that we pause, consider change and our actions move from this space. Dr. Jane Uyger is a Canadian GP who lives in Ireland. She practices in Dublin and teaches medical students at RCSI & Trinity College Dublin. Jane is currently doing a PhD on Compassion in Family Medicine. Her research has focussed on understanding how we experience, demonstrate & develop compassion. We will sit in a healing meditation taking note of what comes up and moving from this space.

We will then enjoy a deeply nutritious and nourishing meal together by candlelight.

How many places do you wish to book?