Here is what our customers have to say about

“I am happy with how the first 2 weeks have gone and have even stopped using the paper diary!”

-Deirdre Dooley, Positive Physiotherapy

“Just to let you know that things are going very well with Booking Hawk. We are very happy with it so far and are getting some good bookings on it. It is taking away the issues of negotiating rates on the phone which is good. “

-Anna Smyth, Barrowville Townhouse (B&B)

“Great system, (they’re) very helpful and always want to improve the service to suit my business”

-Olivia Dunne, Healing For Well-being

“Booking Hawk has been taking online appointments for me since June 2016. It has brought in new customers as well as facilitating existing customers in choosing a suitable date and time for their physiotherapy appointment. I have found the system to be flexible and I am using one account to take appointments in both of the locations at which I hold clinics. I have requested that the system incorporates SMS reminders and I am looking forward to this new feature which will help reduce ‘Did Not Arrive’ ‘s (DNA’s) and reduce risk of last minute cancellations”

-Niamh Coffey, Niamh Coffey Physiotherapy

“Since partnering with Booking Hawk, not only are we able to take online bookings, we can now also take credit card payments and deposits. We worked well without online booking for 13 years and would survive without it. We avoided it as we did not like the idea of paying commissions on each booking. However, Booking Hawk eliminates lost revenue from no shows and means we spend less time on the phone taking bookings. With, we do not pay a booking commission like we would have had to do with other online booking sites.”

-Nicholas Smith, Smiths Accommodation Kells

“I run a private physiotherapy clinic in Gorey. I find Booking Hawk very useful for managing my week as I can enter all my appointments into its calendar and see my schedule for any given day. It has also meant that clients can book their own appointments without the need to call me. The site is quite intuitive to use and I am very happy with how it is working for me. I am proud to have been one of the first businesses on”

-Rachel Richardson, Gorey Physiotherapy and Lymph Clinic