Saturday 30th October 2021 9-12noon

Deeper Dimensions of Yoga Workshop.

In our topsy-turvy world find your stable inversion.

Taking the fear out of inversions and explore the richness of a full spectrum yoga practice - taking your attention deeper into the dimensions of self.

THIS WILL BE AN IN-PERSON WORKSHOP IN WATTS HALL, UXBRIDGE. If there is sufficient interest to live-stream this will be an addition for you to continue to practice at home - let me know if you prefer to practice virtually from home.

As we transition from home practice to yoga class again, or in fact if you are still staying home, the most adventurous some of have been with inversions is to take 'legs-up-the-sofa' pose. Having a yoga teacher actually in the same room is so beneficial as you can be seen fully so modifications and adjustments can be offered to suit your body, your ability, your energy on that day.

Asana will include specific preliminary strengthening, mobility and key alignment principles which are re-cursors to inversions. Playful, fluid asana to heat and to enhance energy and attitude.

You can expect mantra, pranayama, as well as preparative asana for inversions, yoga nidra and meditation.

All levels and abilities are welcome. Inversions are fully accessible and inclusive for all students in the class - there is more to inversions than headstand - however some may be wishing to build towards headstand - everything and every level welcome.

Investment £30

Pre-workshop email, and any supportive notes will be emailed to all registered participants - if deemed helpful for this workshop.

Live-stream £25

via zoom from venue. you can practice from home, however, this is an inversion workshop and so please do make sure that you space is free from furniture AND it is important that you do no take any risks, that your inversions are adequately safe and stable. Zoom link emailed.

Parking available and 2 min walk from Uxbridge station.



Live stream of workshop. 3 hours of practice from home.



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