This class an hour and a half long. We start with a very slow moving flow and then follow up with restorative poses held for up to 4 minutes. We finish with a Yoga Nidra for around 15 mins, which is a deep, relaxing, guided meditation. Then roll straight from your mat to bed.

The idea is that all of the slow movement, breath work and restful postures kick start the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and begins to undo the work of the sympathetic nervous system (stress response). Many of us are spending too much time with our sympathetic nervous system in gear, and it's not good for the body and mind in many ways. This is an opportunity to give them the break they deserve.

Warning - Restorative Yoga is slow, still and quiet. It can be really difficult to stay in this mode with no distractions. Just remember, you're working towards lowering cortisol (stress hormone) and releasing serotonin (mood stabilising hormone). It may not feel like you're doing anything, but that is exactly the point!

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