This Yoga with Marissa class is designed for you to benefit from improved strength, balance and flexibility, better sleep, more energy and lower stress levels. What’s not to love!

There are 3 main components to each class, controlled breathing techniques, yoga poses and relaxing guided meditation.

Controlled breathing techniques (Pranayama)– We will use various controlled breathing techniques at the start of each class. These breathing techniques are very beneficial for calming the central nervous system. They can be used daily and during any times of stress to bring feelings of relaxation.

Yoga poses (Yoga asanas)-We will flow through a dynamic series of seated poses, standing balances and lying down poses. We will work on improving strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.

Guided relaxation- This relaxing, restorative guided meditation will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed. It is time for your body to rest and rejuvenate after the class. The guided meditations will have a different theme each week.

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