Join me for a special Yin yoga class on Sunday 26th July at Coombes Community Centre, with plenty of time to linger and simply be in the poses... A chance to reset and recharge, find clarity and ease in mind & body.

Starting with Yin Yoga we'll invite our bodies to settle, give our minds a chance to switch off and connect with our breath once again.

This is followed by a short yoga nidra practice, that will allow you to access deeper into your inner layers and become more settled physically.

The evening will be a gentle practice - a gift to yourself as we meet Spring again.

New to yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra (or yogic sleep) is a guided relaxation and meditation that we practice lying down. It offers a chance to relax deeply, giving our bodies, minds and hearts some much needed nurturing and healing.

It works deep into the 'inner layers' of our being. It is a tremendously powerful practice that can:

-promotes deep rest

-helps with insomnia

- helps to remove unconscious habits

-help reduce stress

It is a very easy, safe practice that offers an opportunity for us to connect with ourselves intimately.





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