Tone & Sculpt: Strength Training Exercises & low impact Cardio, improve lean muscle tissue using high reps, low weights & resistance bands. Includes a yoga stretch and relaxation to finish.

Description: 6 Week Exercise Programme

Mix of Resistance Exercises & low impact Cardio using light weights, mini-bands and mats with a yoga themed stretch and relaxation to finish. All carried out in a fun class format to the beat of the music and the breath. Sequenced to flow together as a routine. Marrying the breath to the movement and the movement to the breath.


Targets the whole body using lots of different muscles

Strengthen, shape and tone your whole body

Combines resistance training, cardio, flexibility and strength

Finishes with stretching, mobility and relaxation


Boost cardiovascular health

Burn calories

Build muscle and strength

Gain confidence & reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

Improves endurance

Increase flexibility

Establishes a balanced stable physique


Suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness, energy and mobility.

Other Info:

Weights 1kg/2kg/3kg/5kg provided & bands provided.

Please just bring your own mat and water.

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