This Ballet Intensive Summer Program is suitable for ages 7-11 years! with

This week’s intensive will be based around the Vaganova method of classical ballet; which is one of the most renowned ballet techniques in the world. It’s renowned for many reasons: the logical nature and progression of movements, the focus on port de bras and its relation to the rest of the body, and the strong, clean lines mixed with delicate, graceful expressiveness. The Vaganova method is valued because it produces strong dancers who have a thorough understanding of technique and the foundations of each movement.

During this week, students will work on intensive barre practice, and will have the chance and time to work on and learn more intensive grand adagios, grand pirouettes, and extensive centre work and jumps. Vaganova created the barre system that ballet dancers across the world now use, wherein each step builds upon the next—the legs progressively extend further in the air away from the body, and the upper body progressively bends further in all directions. This regimen has resulted in the muscles warming up gradually, avoiding injuries.

Great emphasis will be placed on involving the whole body in each movement, from the legs and feet to the torso, arms, shoulders, and head placement, and the coordination that each of these elements have with executing ballet steps correctly. This is done to create sophisticated dancers with unique elegance, cleanliness, and strength.

Furthermore, students will be given ample instruction and chance to use these classes as an artistic pursuit, with added work in pointe work, men’s technique, and partnering where applicable. 

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