Aoife and Kale from Ancient Sound Healing are back!!

Join us for 90 minutes of grounding and deep rest.

Pause. Reflect. Breath. Be

In the dimly lit space sink into stillness with a surrendering Yoga Nidra practice weaved with calming breathwork and a soulful Sound Bath with quartz crystal bowls, chimes, ocean drum, Tibetan bowls, kalimba, Shaman drum, Handpan, Native American flute... to name just a few.

This experience will aim to help you enter a state of deep relaxation as you go on a journey with breath, body, healing sound waves and vibrations.

What is Sound Healing: Sound healing, alternatively known as Sound Therapy or Vibrational Medicine, is the practice of using sound and frequency to bring harmony, healing and relaxation to the body, mind & soul. Our instruments are tuned at 432 Hz. This frequency targets your heart chakra. The tone soothes your soul and encourages mental and emotional clarity and openness. Listening to this tone can help with your spiritual growth.

What is Yoga Nidra Meditation: A guided meditation also known as Non Sleep Deep Rest or Effortless Relaxation with intention setting (Sankalpa). In NSDR we surf between states of wakefulness & sleep. The body finds its natural state of equilibrium, the breath balances, conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind reveal themselves and we fall into a state of deep rest and blissful awareness.


What people have said:

- "I’ve attended the Sound Healing sessions with Aoife and Kale . It’s 90 minutes of Bliss , truly relaxing. From the magical sounds of Rain, Waves and Big Bowls to the soft soothing voice of Aoife, you drift away and always have the best night’s sleep after. I highly recommend this experience to all!" (Lisa Higgins)

- "Stretchy bliss for taut muscles and a body imprinted with the shape of an office chair. I came away with such a strong feeling of having been immersed in a cocoon of warmth and care - it was just beautiful balm for the soul and body. Aoife is one of those rare gems you meet along life's path - a lovely human being. Thanks so much. (Emer O'Brien)

- "Aoife has a beautiful personality which shines like a beacon and sets the calm tone in her classes. Along with her evident knowledge of all things yogi her sense of humour add to the package and I'm always relaxed and calm after her sessions." (Nuala Free)

Duration: 90min

We all look forward to welcoming you,

Aoife & Kale Sael

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This event is not suitable for the following:

- Those with sound sensitive epilepsy

- Those with Inflammation or infection

- Those with a pacemaker

- Raynaud’s Disease, Buerger's disease

- The first trimester in pregnancy

- Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- Please check with your Doctor if in doubt.  

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Valid Ticket for 1 person with an active membership with Warrior Wellness at time of purchase.

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