Join our Manifest your dream life day retreat with Maria and Sabina

We will start the day with getting clear on what your desires are for your life and setting an intension. Then we will activate an open your lovely bodies with gentle Dru Yoga, breathwork and deep relaxation. In this session we will already start unravelling blocks within your physical, emotional and energy body, releasing them and awakening joy in every cell of your being.

After lunch, Maria will help you connect with your inner child through playing with colour and artful expression. We will use colour mirror healing system to release any blocks from your subconscious that might be stopping you manifesting your desires. Awaken your fun side and inner joy by translating colour into art form, as believe it or not, that’s how we attract abundance in our life with play.

After a quick break and cup of tea we will learn some useful tools of Access Consciousness modality and experience gifting and receiving a taster Access Consciousness Bars session to release any remaining blocks you may still be holding on to and leave you feeling reenergised and vibrant and excited about your life again.

We will finish with a short meditation session and say goodbye.

Vegetarian lunch will be provided and is included in price.

Your investment in your wellbeing is £125

Bookings will close on 7th of March.

Read more about Sabina here and about Maria here.

How many places do you wish to book?