Make some space for yourself to calm down and refresh yourself in this DEEP REST Pop up for the Gemini new moon

The energy of Gemini is all about communication talking, learning, growing, making new connections.

The new Moon is always asking you who are you, now, in this moment?

In your DEEP REST class this month we will dive into a special meditation that mines for the inner gold residing in your heart and uncovers what your heart truly desires.

We will nourish the energy of the throat chakra with a humming breath. Slowdown in Restorative poses that stimulate both throat and third eye chakras to help you awaken and connect with inner messages and your own innate wisdom.

Each DEEP REST class is a beautiful time to indulge with Aromatherapy, be served delicious tea, pull Moonology intuition cards and enjoy a few simple restorative yoga poses and best of all receive Crystal Tones alchemy Singing bowl’s healing energy infused with Reiki energy from an experienced sound, meditation and Reiki Master. 

 What would you like to receive during this time of the new Moon? Come and take time out for yourself in a safe and kind space to follow your intuition and see where it nudges you. 

Places will be 7 people only so please book now to avoid disappointment. 

No prior experience is needed but you do need to be able to get up and down off the floor. All the blankets, bolsters and equipment are provided for you.



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