Restorative Yoga is to Yoga what the slow food movement is to food! This is a deep restful style of Yoga that can at first seem a bit intimidating to busy people who find it hard to slow down but can be the most nourishing practice you can introduce into your self-care routine.

Restorative Yoga is done using equipment like blankets, yoga bolsters and blocks that support you in positions that encourage deep rest and good breathing. The grounding; complete, full breathing; and quietness of restorative yoga help us to move into the relaxation response, a neurological state that tells us we are safe, and moves us out of “flight or fight” mode, initiating the body’s self-healing process.

It’s a very safe form of Yoga that can be practiced while in recovery from injuries, cancer and a number of chronic health conditions. It is also the perfect counterpoint to gym routines, marathon training, and high intensity sports.


There are a great number of studies on restorative yoga and the benefits that may come from practicing it are a reduction in depression, improved mental health and wellbeing, better sleep, improved fertility, reduced fat due to changes in cortisol levels, more energy and improved breathing. 

This class is designed to be suitable for complete beginners, you will learn the key poses, how to improve your breathing and how to breath to relax.

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