We work so hard in our lives it’s time to learn the art of deceleration.

Take a while to just stop, slow down and let yourself be enticed by the call to rest . Allow yourself be nurtured and taken care of by Cheryl Farthing, an experienced teacher of Meditation, Sound healing and Yoga.

In this extended class we’ll begin with Restorative Yoga to open and soften our bodies leaving them so relaxed that energy can flow more freely. It’s a perfect way to begin your reset. To take this experience to the next level you will be serenaded by the sound of crystal singing bowls to deepen and enhance the relaxation response in the body and mind.

Then we’ll take an adult nap! With a guided yoga nidra to entice you into yogic sleep – a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping that has been proven to relieve stress.  ?

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