This is going to be a sensory delight, chocolate, yoga, sound healing, and meditation melded into a entrancing fusion. This is a course designed to help you dive deep into exploring the fascinating map of the Yoga chakras to help make your life richer, freer and more energised.

Why chocolate?

Why not!! We will be sampling single origin cocoa chocolate batch made in NZ by award winning chocolatiers to delight and intrigue the senses, and as a gateway to a mindful meditation experience. Along the way you’ll pick up some fascinating insights into the world of chocolate. Each bar will be hand-picked to offer a new taste experience, and themed to the chakra of the week.

Why Chakras?

This ancient Yogic map is a way of developing our self-awareness and personal insight, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

We’ll be incorporating Yoga of course and I’ll be bringing in some mesmerising, entrancing sound healing too using crystal singing bowls to increase resonance and vibrational healing in your body.

You will learn to deepen your personal intuition and understand yourself on a deeper level, as well as strengthening your mind-body connection. Find ways to free up stuck energy and brings about a more clarified, harmonious relationship with yourself and life. 



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