Breath for Life

An 8 week course on improving your breathing through Yogic Breathing (Pranayama)

Can you improve your breathing – yes you can. Sometimes breathing problems are caused by stress, bad habits or the way you think about your breathing and these concerns will be covered in this course.

You will also learn different breathing techniques that give you a tool box that you can use in conjunction with other well-being activities so you can improve your sports or Yoga practice.

The way that we breath is actually under our under conscious and subconscious control. Learning to change your breathing pattern to one that activates the calm part of your nervous system and reduces the impact of stress is a life skill we should all learn. Breathing can also be use to boost your energy or increase your focus at work or in meditation.

Some of the benefits of improved breathing

Add to your tool box of techniques to deal with life throws out you.

Improves your oxygen uptake

Helps to calm the mind and emotions

Quietens the mind

Calms the nervous system

Boosts your energy.

It can improve your sleep

It may improve headaches and migraines.

Expand your consciousness

Learning Pranayama can deepen your meditation practice

This course will cover Yoga breathing techniques including

Learning to map the breath in your body along with getting to know your own patterns.

Yoga poses that can improve breathing

Breathe and energy improving techniques like Kapalabhati ( shining skull breath)

Controlling of the breath for relaxation or energy with Variations of Ujjayi breathing, ( conquering breath)

Vritti breathing – controlling breath ratio for clarity and focus.

Viloma for improving lung function and control as well and breathing locks and Bandhas. For improved control of energy in the body.

You will receive materials to help you practice during each class.

Please note:

Do check with your doctor if you have an underlying medical conditions like COPD or physical conditions that may affect your breathing. It may not affect your ability to join the class but it is always best to chat with the doctor first if you have any concerns. I have personal experience with working with clients with asthma, anxiety, PTSD, and COPD and am also happy to have a chat before you sign up to make sure this is the right course for you just give me a call on 0274 760067. 

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