Let's Begin Yin

Yoga Teacher Fi Riley is taking this 5 week course

This course will introduce Yin Yoga poses and breathing techniques for students helping them create balance within their bodies. Yin is ideal for stiff bodies, for the likes of runners or cyclists who want to help their muscles recover, or anyone who would like to give their joints a tune up. We are working into our connective tissues and joints rather than our muscles, helping keep everything in our bodies working towards its full potential.

Yin Yoga is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in Daoist Philosophy. In Yin, we hold postures for a longer period of time to invite more space being created in the body. Yin Yoga holds poses for 3-5 minutes and works to an edge, inviting students to observe the sensations that arise in their bodies. Drawing on its roots in TCM, Yin Yoga works to maintain the balance in our bodies working with our meridians, which are energetic pathways to help stimulate and activate the flow of our energy. 

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